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How to write a great reflective essay?

A reflective essay is the type of essays that describe an event or the experience and then analyze the meaning of that experience and what can be learned from it. The main aim of reflective essays requires the writer to open up about their thoughts and emotions in order to paint a true picture of their personality, history and individual traits. A writer should include a summary and description of the experience so that the reader feels that they have also experienced the same thing. 

Some common topic ideas for Reflective essay

The above subjects might have already given you the idea that what would we are going to write about. If not below are some topic or ideas that will help you to write a reflective essay.

  • A special hideaway or special room
  • The beach, mountains, countryside, or desert
  • An important memory
  • A time you overcame one of your fears
  • Failing or succeeding at something
  • A time you learned something new
  • A significant conversation
  • An embarring moment
  • A conversation you wish you had or something you wish you had done
  • A dream or daydream
  • Magazine or article
  • A book, movie, T.V. show, play, song or other forms of media
  • Social media post
  • A concert

How to make a proper structure of reflective Essay?

The organization of a reflective paper is very similar to other types of essays. It is importnat to make a proper structure of a reflective essay which is given below:

An Introduction

An introduction is the first paragraph of your essay hence, you should identify the subject and give the reader a general overview of the impression it made on you. You should add some eye-catching and attractive content in your introduction part so that your audience will get attracted towards it.

Body paragraphs

In the first body paragraph, write about the one reason why your subject made the impression on you that it did. And then give the proper details. In the reflective essay, there is no right or wrong. In the second paragraph give another reason why the subject made the impression on it and then, write about why. So, in this way, you can add as many paragraphs you want but give a proper reason and explanation.


In the conclusion part, you have to sum up all the research in one paragraph and then give your views on it. Basically you have to give your final thoughts on your subject. Just keep one thing in mind that don’t add any new information in the conclusion part.

How can you write a reflection paper?

Student’s generally need to write the reflective essay which is not an easy task. So here I am providing some steps or tips to write a perfect reflection paper.

Choose the best topic idea

If you haven’t been assigned a topic and also don’t have a topic in mind, then it is better if you check the list of the topics above for the inspiration. A good topic is very important as it helps you to get the best grades in your essay. So choose a topic in which you have an interest so that you’ll not get bored of doing research on it and write it. You can take help from the website called They have so many essay topic for the students. You can select one from them.

Study your subject

Depending on your topic, you need the proper study of the topic. Spend a few minutes to thinking or re-experiencing your topic or subject. Proper information is a must for your essay.


Write down everything related to that particular subject. You have to describe the subject as in the best way you can. So think about everything that you know about that particular topic or the subject. Try to write down adjectives that will describe these sensory experiences. Just get as much down as you can. Later, you will turn this into a paragraph.

Write a draft

Once you are done with the proper research and everything you need to write a perfect draft. In this draft, you have to write everything that you know. You can make a lot of drafts before making a proper one. By writing so many drafts you’ll get an idea that what things you need to write in your final essay and what need to eliminate. So in this way you can write a perfect Reflective essay.

Editing and proofreading

Once you write the final paper the last thing is to do the editing and proofreading part. In editing and proofreading, you have to eliminate all the errors from the content. The major errors that present in the essays are spelling errors and grammatical errors. So it would be better if you do proofreading more than 2-3 times so that you can easily detect the errors from the content. 

So these are the tips and points that can help you to write a perfect reflective essay. There are many online essay writing services that can help you to provide the best essay assistance. Go for the best one.

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