Get to know about our Refund Policy

Before ordering your academic paper with, we highly request you to go through the information that is listed below. We have explained our revisions and refund policy here so kindly give your attention.

Refunds in case of cancellation of order

If you are planning to cancel the order that you have placed before our expert writer starts working, we will levy a charge of 25%. This amount is considered as the cancellation charge and it will deduct from the overall amount settled between our team and you. If our writing expert already starts working on your task then this condition will not be applied. In this situation, you have only two options. First is to continue with the order, or second is to cancel the order. However, to clear you cancellation will cost you more. This is why because the writer will charge an amount which is equivalent to the work which has already fone by him, along with the usual cancellation charges, i.e, 25% of the overall amount. One thing you need to note here that the final deadline of 24 hours or less than that would not be allowed for the cancellation or any refund under any circumstances.

Refund in case of additional payment

In case if you find that your payment has deducted two times or you have two notifications or receipts from the payment channel, then feel free to contact us. Do not hesitate to share your issue with us as we are always happy to help you. We will provide you with an option of getting the extra amount deducted back in form of wallet recharge. You can always go for a full refund within 7-12 business days. For your kind information, this is applicable to all the payment channels.

Our main aim is to provide you with the best quality solutions and therefore, we try to assign your academic task to the most suitable assignments writer. However, exceptions are always there. And, there may be some cases in which we may not have an expert to assist you. Such occasions would be highly rare. But in case this situation occurs, we will complete your next assignment absolutely free of cost but the next assignment should be of the same value.